Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The end really is the beginning!!

Most of you already know about the break up of my marriage. Last May was the most difficult month of my life. But what I hadn't realized back then was that the end was only the beginning. The beginning  of a great new life filled with wonderful new opportunities!

As I take a close look, I realize how far I've come since May. I have accomplished so much in the last 11 months. Its unbelievable. I believe in myself! I am learning to love myself. I have learned and done things I never thought I'd be able to do. Its such a great feeling! The end of my marriage was not the end of my life. Nor was it a failure. It was only the beginning! The beginning of a better life. A happier life.

With that said, tomorrow and Friday are my divorce court dates. I am sooo clueless. I should of actually posted this a lot sooner. But any advise from my divorcee friends? What to say, what not to say, what to expect etc... ???