Saturday, February 9, 2013

DIY Prayer Pouch

I've always had this thing about pouches and Scapulars.

 Although two very different things, I found them to be very whimsical and personal. So one day I came up with an idea to introduce the two and make them into one. The Prayer Pouch was born. The is a unique pouch that you'll wear around your neck. But theirs something special about this pouch. On a piece of paper write down your prayer or wish. Insert it into the pouch and wear it.
Here's a tutorial I made for Valentine's Day for www.mamiverse.com. The below tutorial was made specifically for Valentines Day. You can make one for any occasion. I hope you enjoy it...
Valentine's Day POUCH NECKLACEValentine’s DIY Crafts: Magic Heart Wand & Candy Pouch Necklace
Pink or red felt
Embellishments (buttons, rhinestones, sequins, glitter, etc)
Craft glue
Faux leather cord for necklace
1. Cut two identically-sized squares of felt, as big or small as you would like to wear.
2. Glue the two sides and bottom of the pouch. Do not glue all four sides because you won’t be able to open the pouch to fill it with candy.
3. Now embellish one side of the pouch. The side that you embellish will be the front of the pouch. Use heart-shaped rhinestones, ribbon, glitter, buttons, jewels. Be creative!
4. Take the faux leather cord and make a slip knot at one end. Then glue the opposite ends to the inside edges of the pouch. Let dry for 30 minutes.
Now your pouch is ready to wear!

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