Monday, March 4, 2013

Rooftop Heaven

When you work in Social Media, you get to do hours of research. You need the right images to fit what your blogging about. I love to do this because I get to see beautiful places, things, people, art, etc. that I have never seen.

So today I was researching all about Rooftops in New York. Now New York is definitely on my bucket list of places that I will visit before the good Lord needs me. I've always wanted to go during Christmas. I want to see the Christmas the huge Christmas tree and the beautiful window shopping displays. Now here's another reason why I want to go! Check these beautiful rooftops.

 My goodness. Breathe taking isn't it? If I had the budget, I would move in an instant. Well with a jun secured of course. This gives the meaning of Rooftops a whole other definition!

I would have breakfast, lunch and dinner every day on the rooftop!

I'd Host a beautiful dinner party. No need for party decorations. The city already provides it! 

Now I get the, "I Heart NY" memorabilia! 

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