Tuesday, September 23, 2014

DIy Whimsical Witches Headband

Simple Whimsical Witches Headband

Halloween! Halloween! Halloween!! It's just around the corner! Did I mention that I love Halloween? With that being said I am doing my first DIY 2014 Halloween project. 

So have fun with it. The skies the limit!

Materials you’ll need

Witches hat
Headband or hair clip
Halloween ribbon
Glue Gun
Glue sticks
Halloween Owl 

Begin by measuring the ribbon around the witches hat and cut what you need. Hot glue one end of the edge of the ribbon and stick it to the witches hat. Wrap ribbon around the base and hot glue the opposite end to the hat.

Secondly, begin to apply hot glue to the back of your flowers and glue it directly on to the witches hat.

Next step is to glue on your Halloween owl. Make sure there is enough glue on it.

Final step is to add the head band or hair clip. Add hot glue on directly to the hat. Not on the headband. Place it any where on the headband and wa-lah!

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