Monday, February 11, 2013

7th Annual Crafty Chica Cruise

The 7th Annual Crafty Chica Cruise is right around the corner. I'm super excited! This is an event where non-crafter and crafters get together and unite! Regardless how much or how little you know, we all learn new techniques, improve our techniques, and just have so much fun. Its a total chica pow-wow!

This cruise is filled with nothing but fun, indulging in delicious food, crafting, wining and dining and my favorite...

Shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lots of shopping! I have a thing for bags and if I see this guy walking on the beach in Ensenada, WATCH OUT!

I just love the colors and designs that the Latino culture has. I drool when I see these beautiful colors on bags, textiles, and everything that Mexico has to offer. I can't wait to see what Ensenada has to offer! Believe it or not I have never been. I can't afford to buy anything this time around but I just love being around amazing colorful art! I'm just so excited!


  1. Hey Lizzy! Love the blog! Can't wait to see you and all the other chicas at the cruise this year.

    Hugs from Chicago!
    Judy Hernandez

  2. Thank you Judy! Sorry for the late response. I can't wait to see you and everyone too!!! Its gonna rock!!!xoxo